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Gas strut / Brake


The Kautät gas strut is undoubtedly recognized as the highest quality in the market. Within a basic-level product, we offer a very comprehensive range, distinguishing between self-lifting movement (assisted lifting) and multi-position (manual lifting with stop at the desired point), as well as, logically, different strengths and short versions for small-sized furniture such as above refrigerators

Regardless of the range, the Kautät gas strut has significant and objective advantages. It is equipped with a carter protector, which gives it greater aesthetic robustness and also serves as a protector to prevent suspended particles from adhering once the arm is opened and covered in oil. In addition, the entire inner sleeve is reinforced so that it does not suffer over time, and its quick-fixing system is highly valued, allowing it to be comfortably assembled and disassembled with its fixing cover.

Gas strut instructions

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